A Thank You for Job Reference (email example)

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Email Template 1 (Pre-Written Email text)

Subject: {recipient name} Job Reference

Dear {recipient name},

I wanted to thank you for the reference you gave me. I was offered the position and I am very grateful for your recommendation.

Thank you again.

Best, {sender name}

Email Template 2 (Pre-Written Email text)

Dear {recipient name},

I wanted to say thanks for being a fantastic reference for me. I really appreciate all the time you took to talk with me about my experience at {company name}. I had a great time at the company, and I learned so much.


{sender name}

Email Template 3 (Pre-Written Email text)

Subject: Thank you for your recommendation

Dear {recipient name},

Thank you so much for recommending me for the {position} position at {company}.

I’m very grateful and really appreciate it. I was not selected, but I’m confident that with your support, I will be successful in the future.

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your advice and encouragement. You are a great person and one of my favorite people to talk to about my career.

Thank you!

{sender name}


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