Apology Email To Teacher

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Apology Email To Teacher

Email Template 1 (Pre-Written Email text)

Subject: I’m sorry

Hi {teacher name},

I’m sorry about what happened today. I would like to apologize for my behavior and the consequences it may have had. I understand that you may not want to forgive me and that’s understandable, but I hope that you will think about this email as a way to show that I am genuinely sorry for what happened.

Thank you, {student name}

Email Template 1 (Pre-Written Email text)

Subject: Apology To Teacher

Hey Mrs. {teacher name},

I am really sorry for not completing my project and bringing it to you on Tuesday as I promised. I will complete the project tomorrow and bring it to you as soon as possible.

I was working on the project with my group members, but we weren’t able to finish it because we didn’t have enough time.

Please accept my apology and I will bring the project over tomorrow.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you before then.

Sincerely,{student name}

Email Template 1 (Pre-Written Email text)

Subject: Apology

Hey {recipient name},

I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. I hope it doesn’t interfere with your ability to give me a good grade. I went back and read the book, and paid more attention this time around. I hope you’ll consider giving me the benefit of the doubt.


{sender name}


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